The Secret Reasons Membership Sites Are the Business Model of the Future

The most powerful ways to influence people are fear and the appeal to identity. But the area where coaches stand to gain the most is by making a stronger appeal to their clients’ sense of group identity. And the way to do this is through having a membership site business.

According to Robbie Kellman Baxter, author of The Membership Economy, most of us want to satisfy two basic desires: the need for social connection and the preference for convenience — in that order.

Fortunately, having a membership site business satisfies both of these needs.

The Power of the Membership Site Business

A successful appeal to identity can target an existing group identity. Yet what if you could create an all-new identity group for people to become a part of?

It’s not as hard as you might think.

After all, people love to have access to things that are both social and exclusive. You can create this very thing by setting up your own membership site business.

The Advantages of Having a Membership Site Business

There are advantages to having a membership site that are both timeless and timely. By leveraging this branding technique now, you can benefit from both.

Timeless Advantages

Filter out the Riffraff: By sheltering your members from people who are not genuinely interested in the topic, you create a freer, more comfortable space to share information and ask questions.

Concentrate Group Knowledge: Membership sites attract people who have invested time and energy in a topic. Creating forums and comment sections in your member site offers immense value to your audience. And as we all know, knowledge builds toward more sales.

The Value of Forums: Often, the only barrier between your client and their commitment to coaching is one specific question about the service. By creating a membership site business, clients have a much better chance of getting the answer they are looking for.

Be the Town Square: Truly, creating a member site business transforms your brand into a topic-specific social media site. You become the hub of a conversation. When your audience wants advice on your topic, they come back to your site.

Timely Advantages

Escape the Culture War: Social media is a mess right now. With so many people getting overheated, it’s nice for people to be part of a community where they can ask questions and share ideas comfortably. In fact, many people are fleeing their favorite Facebook pages for forums that offer more level-headed conversation. That forum could be yours.

Noise Cancellation: People who care about a specific topic tend to offer a higher quality of commentary on that topic. Having a membership site business is a good way to attract only those with a genuine interest. It also dissuades trolls. Forbes calls it Account-Based Content Marketing, and the movement is just beginning.

It’s a New Frontier: Membership sites are a grossly underused marketing tool. Given the timeless and the timely advantages of this marketing technique, setting up your membership site now is critical. People tend to join only one membership site on any given topic.That said, if you wait too long, you will lose your core audience as this trend gains momentum.

To learn more about this exploding business trend and have an invaluable planning tool at your disposal, check out this free planning guide from Membership Fix.

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